MSL conducts the development of automated systems for the dosage of liquid solutions used by Autoclaves and Automatic dipping tanks. The mixture in the system is the result of a mass dosage of concentrated liquid, mixed to a certain %, in a quantity of water several hundred, or thousands of liters.

Advantages of automatic dosage:
-no contact between the operator and the chemical product
-exact dosage, eliminating wrong dosages and errors in calculations
-controls the delivery by weighing the container
-traceability of dosages and transfers to the work tank possible

The automatic solution is then based on the measure of the mass of concentrate by automated control of automatic valves for dosage. Water is then added, measured by the mass or a computation of volume.

For certain applications of mixing multiple concentrations, we can also combine multiple mass dosage devices (weight scale) along with volumes measuring devices (metering volume pumps).

The dosing system can also be integrated in the machine for the direct control from a command center, or completely independent, with its own interface dialog.

A dosing unit is often coupled with a mixing tank, with stirring by pump or propeller. The transfer to the work tank can be fully automated.