In oder to ensure the durability of wood, it is necessary to subject it to chemical treatments. MSL manufactures a wide range of machines to meet the rigorous demands of today. For the classes of risk III and IV - according to EN 335 (corresponding to the most severe exposures) The vacuum-pressure treatment is the only effective solution.

source: FCBA

Depending on the risks that the wood is exposed to, different cycles of treatment are possible. The most popular treatment is the full-celled cycle (Bethell), whose graph is represented above.
The operator is able to choose from pre-programmed cycles or custom programs adapted to your needs. The touch screen interface is fully animated allowing the user to easily follow the progress of the machine.

The stacks of lumber are loaded into pressure tight cylinder for treatment.

The access port is hydraulically locked by either horizontal or vertical control mechanisms. The pressure pump, vacuum pump, automatic valves, and control panel are located on the side of the machine in a compact design.

The preparation of a mixed solution is either manual or automatic, and is integrated into the chemical storage tank.

The machine is entirely managed by the MSL ImpraMatic system, and the traceable functions are insured by a PC equipped with our specially designed ProDataEX data collecting software. This solution combines the robustness of a PLC system and the flexibility of PC.

The compact design allows the machine to be transported easily and allows for quick installation even in small areas.

For the best in service and maintenance, we provide our specialized technicians and stock a variety of vital spare parts. Remote maintenance / surveillance can also be integrated into the system, allowing our team to help you to stay fully operational.

Our engineering department will assist in the development of your specific project. Our experience enables us to determine your specific needs to deliver the best results.