These machines provide automated treatment for piles of timber, with reduced amount of product for treatment, resulting in the following advantages:
-No unnecessary stocking of treatment materials
-No need to file for authorization as long as the amount of the total product for treatment is less than 1000L.

 Automatic conditioning and continuous cleaning:
- Filtration of sawdust
- Preparation of the product mixture for filling the tank
- Overfill safety
- Possibility of multiple colors.

The pile of wood is placed in a splash-proof enclosure for treatment.

The operator can then begin the cycle of automatic treatment. The pile of wood is tilted at 2 different positions and a tight lid closes to prevent splashes from leaving the container.

The stack of wood is sprayed back and forth by a fixture equipped with sprinklers. The process drains and filters the solution in the tank.

Opening of the machine. Tilting the load horizontally. Awaiting the removal of the charge.

 Awaiting the removal of the finished lumber.